2013/6/14 – Taylor Mountain / 泰勒山

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Kodak moment on Taylor Mountain
Kodak moment on Taylor Mountain

There are a few places off Highway 18 to enter the mountain, and the particular trailhead where I parked was a little hard to access. Since I couldn’t park anywhere in front of the gate, I managed to get a spot on the shoulder. I read some people would park at the Tiger Mountain trailhead and walk across the highway to the entrance. But that was a little risky especially with two dogs.

The trail itself wasn’t exactly a trail; the mountain was strewn with service roads so one could essentially spend some time on the roads if they wished to kill some time.

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  1. Deborah

    Hello! Was trying to access your Taylor mountain trip report from 2013, but only the first paragraph shows. Is it possible to see the whole report still? In reading your more recent 2019 report, you alluded to a bear incident but mentioned it had been taken off of WTA due to drama. We have been “farming” Taylor Mountain/ Brew Hill lately and have seen bears briefly, so I was curious as to what your experience was that isn’t shown any longer, especially if it was a negative experience. Thank you, and thanks for the info on this site!

  2. onehikeaweek

    Hi Deborah,

    Thanks for reaching out! Yes, I had requested WTA to take down the original post. But you could contact the site and see if they still have a copy of it somewhere on the server. I can email you about the specifics of that trip.

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