Razorback Mountain by Hidden Lake Lookout / 靠隱湖瞭望塔的剃刀背山

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Razorback Mountain is a stone’s throw away from Hidden Lake Lookout. But one could easily miss it with the plethora of peaks in the area. Though, what the mountain lacks in stature, it makes up with dramatic views.

Razorback Mountain up ahead
Razorback Mountain up ahead

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Razorback Mountain at a Glance

Access: Cascade Road @ mile 2
Round Trip: 10 miles
Elevation Range: 500′-6110′
Gear: helmet, ice ax, snowshoes
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: with guidance

Razorback Mountain

Whew! The dogs would not have liked this scramble. So many places along the ridge could use more snow to climb smoothly. Then it would’ve been a more enjoyable traverse.

It took a while to go up to the top from Point 5733. Plus, a few places with great exposure required me to belay using boughs. So I wasn’t sure how the pups would’ve handled it. But glad they stayed home.

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Ridge Traverse

All in all, it took lots of sweat to reach Point 5733 in deep snow. From there, it was continuous rolling terrain and lots of elevation gain and loss.

The summit block was steep and also icy. Thank goodness for the massive short shrubs to belay me up through places with exposure. But I took my time to avoid any mishaps.

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Razorback Mountain Summit Views

What a beautiful day it was! The stunning views made up for all the cussings it took to make it up here. The notable peaks included Snowking Mountain, Lookout Mountain, and Teebone Ridge.

Going back down the ridge went by much faster. In the end, it took less than half the time to reach the roadway. Then it was only another mile of walking the road.

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