2013/1/20 – Red Mountain II / 紅山之二

Kodak moment on Red Mountain

It was a toss up between Silver Peak and Red Mountain, but glad we settled on the latter. But no matter where you had ended up, the views would have been gorgeous everywhere.

We mostly followed direction of the summer trail from the trailhead to bottom of the southwest ridge around 4,000’, which also marked the beginning of the aggressive elevation gain. The slope got even steeper at around 5,000’ and with a mixture of ice and crust. I personally brought crampons and they probably would have better served the purpose. But we all managed to get to the summit with just snowshoes and spikes. Ice axes were our best friends getting through sketchy sections both going up and coming down.

Some cornices on the north face, so we all stayed close to the south rim of the summit. The exposed rocks provided a safe and solid place to rest our burning thighs and calves. Clear views all around with barely any clouds in the sky, even the distant Adams was visible.

Yet another gorgeous day in the Cascades!

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