2011/10/8 – Hawkins Mountain / 霍金斯山

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Kodak moment on Hawkins Mountain

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Hawkins Mountain had gotten some snow recently judging from the powered mountain top from the trailhead. The temperate has dropped since we made the hike, so there may be more snow by now.

This was one of those hikes where most time was spent on the service road. The elevation gain was gradual until the last 1,000 feet or so, with a few inches of snow the last 500 feet. The trip report from SummitPost was quite accurate. The part about a couple more switchbacks beyond the road’s end not shown on Green Trails map was especially helpful.

Just as the report says, once the road ends, start scrambling and making your way straight up (east) to the summit by way of the saddle just to the south of the summit. If the elevation gain on the slope appears to be too aggressive, then there is the option of scrambling to the south ridge at about 6,600 feet and follow the ridge line northerly to the summit. Although, this route requires you to get around to the west of the rock band just south of the summit, then onto the aforementioned saddle and to the summit.

It was pretty windy on top and I’m glad I brought some gloves and a fleece pullover to stay long enough to enjoy the views and take pictures. Another sunny day on the mountain!

Access: NF-138
Gear: snowshoes packed but not used

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