2011/3/27 – Yodelin Mountain / 憂德林山

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We did our hike today because yesterday’s weather forecast indicated there was going to be rain everywhere in the Cascades. This morning I tried to look for a rain shadow but to no avail. Bottom line, we were either going to get rained on or snowed on. Although I would much prefer the latter.

Stevens Pass area was supposed to receive the least amount of snow today according to this morning’s weather report. I looked for a hike in the area and settled on Yodelin Mountain. We intended to do this one the day we snowshoed the Skyline Lake Trail. The trailhead is located two miles east from the Stevens Pass Ski Resort, five miles round trip, and fairly moderate. It is said to be a popular spot for beginning snowshoers. It started to snow around 10 AM right before we set off for the hike.

The trailhead was hard to locate because the amount of snow. So we decided to scramble for the first part and then meet up with the actual trail. Once we got on the actual trail, it was a moderate, steady climb all the way to the summit. It stopped snowing when we got to the summit. Although not much view at the top since the nearby mountains were drenched in fog.

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