2017/4/30 – Roughhouse Mountain / 毆鬥山

One last look
Woodsy summit ahead

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Pups and I attempted this mountain five Januarys ago, got as far as Old Blewett Pass and called it. Back then we were so exhausted from plowing through snow and called it.

High wind gusts in the forecast; partly sunny east of the crest. I had originally planned on scoping out a new destination in the Entiat River Valley. But the 35+ mph wind forecast and the possibility of no views had me resort to some place closer to home.

Despite large amount of snowfall this year, Road 9715 was virtually snow free all the way to the pass. At two miles in, I parked the vehicle and debated whether to drive the extra two hours to Entiat River Valley. But then I decided it’d be nice to be home earlier for a change.

Half a mile walk to the pass, then we hopped on Road 7320 around Roughhouse’s east face. The first road junction at 3,920′ we took a sharp left onto another road and headed westward. At 4,360′ the road took a turn eastward. We then got off the road, went uphill to the 4,520′ saddle on south ridge, and finished the last 300 feet via the ridge.

Another woodsy summit with a communication tower, our third one this year over three consecutive weekends. North end had a clearing with views into parts of Stuart Ridge, Entiat Mountains, and some Teanaway peaks.

On the way down we stayed on south ridge, bypassed the roads, and finally came out onto Road 9715.

Gear: none

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