Roughhouse Mountain by Old Pass Hill / 靠老山道山丘的毆鬥山

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The pups and I tried going up Roughhouse Mountain five years ago. But we went as far as Old Blewett Pass and called it. Plowing through fresh snow was so exhausting that we turned around.

One last look
Leaving Roundhouse Mountain

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Roughhouse Mountain at a Glance

Access: NF-9715
Round Trip: TBD
Elevation Range: 3960′-4760′
Gear: none
GPS Track: available
Dog-Friendly: yes

Road 9715

High wind gusts and partly sunny were in the forecast for east of the mountains. I had initially planned on a new destination in the Entiat River Valley. But the 35 mph wind with possibly no views made me decide to stay closer to home.

We had considerable snowfall this year. But Road 9715 was nearly snow-free up to the pass. Later I parked the cars at mile three. Then I debated whether to drive another two hours to Entiat River Valley. But I thought we would go home early for a change.

Old Blewett Pass
Old Blewett Pass

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The Road Walk

We walked half a mile up to the pass by the four-way junction. Then we got on Road 7320 and walked through Roughhouse Mountain’s east face. Later we came up to another junction at 3920′.

From there, we turned left onto another road and walked west. The path later veered east at 4360′. So we left the roadway and went up to the 4520′ south saddle. Then we climbed the final 300′ up to the top.

The road to Roughhouse Mountain
The road to Roughhouse Mountain

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Roughhouse Mountain Summit Plus Outro

A communications tower adorned the top of this mountain. We were also on a woodsy summit three weeks in a row. The north side had a clearing with views to parts of the Stuart Ridge. I could also see the Entiat Mountains and Teanaway peaks there.

On the way out, we went down through the south ridge. So we could avoid most of the road. Later we came down onto Road 9715 just before the pass.

The Temple to the northwest
The Temple to the northwest

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