2015/1/25 – Gouging Lake / 鑿洞湖


Gouging Lake with Cascade Mountain in the background
Gouging Lake with Cascade Mountain in the background

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Apart from peakbaggers and hunters, West Fork Miller Road doesn’t seem to get many visitors. Other than the snow, parts of the road (or trail rather) beyond Coney Creek junction was covered in brush and alder. Snow started at 1,800 feet, then more of it from 1,900 and up. Although it was only ankle deep, so no need for snowshoes.

The pup and I spent nearly an hour looking for a good place to cross the raging Coney Creek. I suspected most of the water was from recently melted snow due to the warmer than usual weather this time of the year. After we finally crossed the creek, it was decided that we would just stop at the lake because of limited daylight hours.

Much of the approach was spent on the road in the shade, so wasn’t all that eventful. At the end of the road I managed to find a wet log to cross Miller River to begin our scramble. After crossing the river, we needed to do just one more creek crossing before the slope got much steeper. It was a quite brushy scramble and at times unbearable, so we weren’t moving all that fast. I finally put on snowshoes at about 200 feet below the lake when the snow got knee deep.

The lake was pretty but much smaller than I had anticipated. Cascade Mountain was staring at us in the face, too bad we didn’t have enough time to get up it. Oh well, next time!

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