2013/1/1 – Granite Mountain IX (Winter Route) / 花崗岩山之九 (冬季路線)

Kodak moment on Granite Mountain
Kodak moment on Granite Mountain

All photos for this trip can be found here.

Got a late start waiting for REI to open to rent a pair of snowshoes since I broke the bindings on mine on Mount Persis yesterday.

Friends and I took the snow gully straight up since today’s avalanche danger in the area was low. The breeze felt in the gully was the prelude to the 10-20+ mph wind that would eventually accompany on the ridge all the way to the summit. Some old snowshoe/ski tracks throughout but they were too faint to follow, so we made our own.

We decided to dodge the wind by traversing to the west and that helped a bit. Balaclava was definitely a great idea at this point! It was also much icier west of the rock-exposed ridge so make sure to bring an ice ax.

The lookout tower was covered in pure white and the area had way more snow than a year ago. Most of the trees on top were buried in so only a few of them around to provide shelter from the wind. We stayed long enough to eat and take photos then started making out way down the mountain.

What a glorious day on the first day of the year!

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