2011/4/16 – Lichtenwasser Lake / 輕水湖

It was nice to just get out and get the dogs their exercise. Leavenworth/Cashmere area was partly cloudy, but available hikes in that area is still somewhat limited, since some roads are still washed out. I ran out of rainy day hike options, seeing that chance of rain in the Stevens Pass area was only 30%, I decided to give Lichtenberg Mountain a try. It started to rain as soon as we got to the other side of Stevens Pass Ski Resort. We were the first ones there, followed by two van full of snowshoers about 10 minutes later. We left the trailhead at 9 AM.

The service road was packed enough that I didn’t need snowshoes all the way to the trail that split off from the main road going to Lichtenwasser Lake. As soon as stepped off the main road it was all scrambling. I was hoping for some snowshoe tracks so I wouldn’t have to break my own trail. But that wasn’t the case.

The rain and snow alternated and continued to come down and there was no sign of either letting up any time soon. The boys and I spent three hours on the trail taking pictures and frolicking before getting to the lake. Just as expected, the lake was fully covered in snow and ice. The wind began to blow even before we got to the lake, and it got worse as the time went by. We took our break behind some big trees to dodge the chilling wind. The dogs didn’t seem to have problem with the dropping in temperature.

The dogs got on the lake and strolled around for a while. It very much reminded me of our hike to Surprise Lake on Christmas Day. I walked around the lake to get some good pictures. Although I didn’t try stepping onto the lake itself, not sure how sturdy the surface was at this time of the year. We stayed long enough to eat and take group pictures before heading back down. More clouds rolled in as we were leaving and the wind continued to blow.

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