2011/3/3 – Coastal Prairie Trail / 沿海草原小道

Today was the only chance I had to do a hike in the Everglades. The rest of the week will be split between visiting with friends in Wilton Manors and volunteering duty at the Winter Party in South Beach. So, instead of heading to friends’ place after arriving at the airport at 8 AM, I hopped in the rental and headed straight for the Everglades National Park. The drive took a while, actually it took a lot longer than I thought it would.

The hike was straightforward once I reached the trailhead. My impression of he Everglades was a big piece of swamp land. But the area was dry all the way from trailhead to the Clubhouse Beach. Not that I would enjoy walking on a muddy trail anyway. The water coming into the Florida Bay was quite dirty, different from how I pictured a typical southern Florida beach would look like—white sand, clear water, and lots of seashells. The water looked as though it had a lot of mud in it and it was not all all clear. I was able to see some nearby keys but couldn’t figure out the names.

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