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2018/11/20 – Norse Peak V / 諾爾斯峯之五

In an effort to avoid the potentially dire Thanksgiving weather, I decided to move our pilgrimage to the peak ahead by two days.

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2017/11/24 – Norse Peak IV / 諾爾斯峯之四

Crystal Mountain Boulevard was clear of snow and ice despite low morning temperatures, no problem getting to the gated Gold Hill Road

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2015/11/26 – Norse Peak III / 諾爾斯峯之三

Time flew by us quickly while we were having fun, hard to believe it’s been three years since our last visit.

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2012/11/24 – Norse Peak II / 諾爾斯峯之二

More rain this weekend, and South Cascades looked to be the place to be for a rain-free hike.

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2010/7/11 – Norse Peak / 諾爾斯峯

Our first hike to this peak and views were awesome. But it was soooooo hot!