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2017/8/27 – Crater Mountain / 火山口山

After getting off Freezeout Ridge the day before, we spent two hours on the road to west end of Pasayten Wilderness.

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2017/8/26 – Freezeout Slam + Clark Peak / 凍結滿貫+克拉克峯

Road to Conrad Meadows had been gated at the NF-750/South Fork Tieton Road junction, seven miles before the trailhead.

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2017/8/20 – North Navarre Peak + Bryan Butte / 北納瓦拉峯+布萊恩孤峯

The 41-mile drive on NF-8020/Cooper Mountain Road from Chelan, WA to Summer Blossom Trailhead was much less attractive than the trailhead name itself.

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2017/8/19 – Marsupial Peak + Gilbert Mountain / 袋峯+吉爾伯特山

Some reports described this being an all-day outing, so pup and I car camped for an early start.

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2017/8/12 – Tiger Mountain IV (West Tiger 1+2) / 虎山之四 (西虎1+2號)

Still feeling lazy after getting back from our trip to the Northern Pickets, so pups and I once again resorted to our own backyard for a low-key outing.

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2017/7/29-8/6 – Northern Picket Traverse / 橫貫北尖樁

Picket traverse = Mount Challenger + Phantom Peak + Crooked Thumb Peak