Silver Star Mountain by Big Snagtooth / 靠大斷牙的銀星山

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For Silver Star Mountain, I recruited two people from the Seattle Mountaineers to join me. The peak rises above Early Winters Creek by Big Snagtooth. It’s also next to the North Cascades Highway, so it’s easily accessible.

Silver Star Mountain's gully system
Silver Star Mountain’s gully system

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Silver Star Mountain at a Glance

Access: Highway 20 MP 166
Round Trip: 6.2 miles
Elevation Range: 4040′-8876′
Gear: helmet
GPS Trackavailable
Dog-Friendly: no

Early Winters Creek

The climber’s trail started from Highway 20. Aka North Cascades Highway. We were also direcly west of Silver Star Mountain’s summit. So the route was entirely visible.

We first dropped down to Early Winters Creek. Then we scrambled up the steep slopes through brush and down trees. The forest was quite dense. So decent route finding skills were necessary to go through the lower part.

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The West Ridge Approach

Once we crossed Burgundy Creek, we stayed on the south side of the water. Then we went up the west ridge off the mountain’s southwest buttresses. Later we made it up to the 8000′ col with a marker. So we knew we were still on track.

From the marker, we then followed cairns and dropped on to the southern slopes. At the same time, we made a rising traverse while moving northeast. The goal was to aim for the “complex” gully system in reports.

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Silver Star Mountain Summit

Soon, we stood beneath the gullies interweaving the impressive summit block. At this point, we still weren’t sure of the top was visible. But we knew it was directly overhead.

We picked the leftmost gully as it provided access up to the notch between Silver Star Mountain’s two summits. Then we scrambled east through more choss and boulders to reach the top.

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