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2017/11/4 – Deception Pass State Park V (Loop) / 詭計關口州立公園之五 (環線)

Fresh snow over mountain passes and the less than ideal Cascade weather had pup and I visiting one of our go-to destinations in the Puget Sound

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2016/9/5 – Deception Pass State Park IV (Lighthouse Point) / 詭計關口州立公園之四 (燈塔角)

Our fourth visit to the state park and this time we hiked to Lighthouse Point.

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2016/3/4 – Deception Pass State Park III (Goose Rock) / 詭計關口州立公園之三 (鵝岩)

Pups and I went up to Deception Pass just before the rain started rolling in over the weekend.

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2013/5/24 – Deception Pass Headlands / 詭計關口高地

We came up during the week mainly to see the bridge.