2018/12/30 – Devils Mountain / 魔鬼山
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2018/12/30 – Devils Mountain / 魔鬼山

Some refer to Devils Mountain as a “dumpster dive” destination or the backup of a backup plan.

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2018/5/6 – Lookout Mountain 2677 / 瞭望山2677

Weather on this side of the mountains got progressively better by mid morning, and then sunny the rest of the day.

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2018/4/22 – Gold Mountain / 黃金山

While researching beginner hikes, I came upon this low-profile, moderate high point on the Kitsap Peninsula.

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2018/4/15 – Ebey’s Landing IV / 艾比碼頭之四

Surprisingly quiet for a heavy foot traffic Saturday afternoon. By “heavy” I meant more than a handful of people.

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2018/3/24 – Turtleback Mountain + Ship Peak / 龜背山+船峯

Another rain-dodging trip to the Puget Sound area. It’d been eight years since I last set foot on Orcas Island to climb Mount Constitution as part of a weekend getaway.

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2018/3/4 – Kettles Trails / 可特斯小道

Inspired by ejain’s report from yesterday, pup and I once again set off to the Puget Sound area in an effort to dodge the rain.

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2018/2/25 – Guemes Mountain / 格梅斯山

With a high percentage of precipitation in the forecast, today’s plan was not so much to chase the sun, as to find a place with the least amount of rain.

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2018/2/18 – Anderson Mountain / 安德森山

To avoid snowy weather conditions over the mountain passes, I looked for potential new destinations in the Puget Sound area.

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2017/12/25 – Oyster Dome IV / 牡蠣巨蛋之四

With more snow in the forecast today, I stayed west of the Cascades and resorted to another one of our Puget Sound area off-season go-to places.

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2017/11/4 – Deception Pass State Park V (Loop) / 詭計關口州立公園之五 (環線)

Fresh snow over mountain passes and the less than ideal Cascade weather had pup and I visiting one of our go-to destinations in the Puget Sound