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2018/10/20 – Crosby Mountain / 克羅斯比山

Last year our unsuccessful attempt to this mountain had us resort to Bing Peak during the same trip.

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2018/10/13-15 – Pyramid Slam + Environs / 金字塔滿貫+周圍地區

Pup and I have been chasing after big mountains nonstop since Memorial Day weekend.

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2018/10/12 – North Craggy Peak / 北崎嶇峯

Like Genius, my effort to include the peak in two other trips was also to no avail.

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2018/10/6 – Genius / 天賦峯

Last-minute plan change led to tackling possibly the last big mountain of the season.

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2018/9/27-30 – Lost Slam / 失落滿貫

McLeod Fire in mid August forced the closure of many roads and trails near Mazama.

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2018/9/23 – Big Jim Mountain / 大吉姆山

I first took notice of Big Jim Mountain six years ago from Frigid and Big Lou Mountains via Chatter Creek.

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2018/9/19 – Theseus + Minotaur / 忒修斯+牛頭怪

Seven years had passed since we first set foot in the beautiful lake basin en route to Labyrinth Mountain.

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2018/9/18 – Stegosaurus Butte / 劍龍孤峯

Taking advantage of the nice weather before sundown, pup and I headed off to Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Valley.

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2018/9/15 – Duchess of Kent / 肯特公爵夫人

Last September we had a good run up to the very last weekend before weather conditions worsened.

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2018/9/8 – Corteo Peak / 寇特歐峯

Corteo Peak hadn’t always been on the radar despite having taken notice from various mountaintops over the years.