2011/7/28 – Jim Hill Mountain / 吉姆希爾山

The hike started off as a walk in the park until I came across the first group of blowdowns. Soon afterward I bumped into a few more, then another few, and then it was full-course blowdown meal all the way to Lanham Lake. The worst section was about a half mile before the lake, and I practically walked on blowdowns the entire time just to get through.

In my three years of hiking, never have I encountered so many blowdowns on any of the hikes. There were more of them after I passed the lake and started going up the steep slope of Jim Hill. In looking around, I saw that the entire slope was paved with blowdowns. I spent a good chunk of time getting through them and at the same time trying to keep my balance with the acrobatic skills I don’t have.

Once I made it to the ridge the blowdowns were completely out of sight. The little bit of snow left on the ridge made the traverse easier. I didn’t bring my ice ax but I sure could use one on the slope just passed the false summit. The snow was somewhat slushy and didn’t have enough traction to keep me from sliding. After getting through the slope, it was class 3 scramble all the way to the top. Beautiful day, lovely afternoon, but spent more time than needed to get up this mountain.

The hike should be much easier in the snow when all the blowdowns are buried underneath.

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