2011/7/28 – Jim Hill Mountain / 吉姆希爾山

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Kodak moment on Jim Hill Mountain

Photos from this trip can be found here.

The hike to Lanham Lake started off as a walk in the park until I came across the first group of down trees. Soon afterward I encountered into a few more, then another few, and then full-course down tree meal all the way to Lanham Lake. Worst section being half a mile before the lake, and I practically walked on down trees the entire time for the ease of the approach.

In my three years of hiking, I have yet to encounter so many down trees on any given hike. More down trees after passing the lake and heading up steep northwest slopes of the mountain. As I looked around, I saw the entire northwest aspect was covered in down trees. I spent a good chunk of time getting through them and at the same time trying to keep my balance.

Once I made it onto the ridge down trees were completely gone. The little bit of snow left on the ridge expedited the traverse. I didn’t pack my ice axe but I sure could have used one past the false summit. Snow was somewhat slushy and not enough traction to keep from sliding. Beyond snow, it was just class 3 scramble to the top. Beautiful day and a lovely afternoon, spent more time than necessary to get up here.

The climb would be better done in snow with down trees still buried.

Access: Lanham Lake Trailhead
Gear: helmet

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