Lago Slam + Blackcap Mountain / 拉戈滿貫+黑蓋山

Blackcap, Osceola, Carru, Lago panoramic view See more trip photos here. The Lowdown on Lago Slam Lago Slam = Osceola Peak + Mount Carru + Mount Lago拉戈滿貫=奥西奥拉峯+卡鲁山+拉戈山 Access: Buckskin Ridge Trailhead…

2013/7/13-14 – Entiat Slam / 恩蒂亞特滿貫

Photos from this trip can be found here. Entiat Slam = Mount Maude + South Spectacle Butte 恩蒂亞特滿貫=莫德山+南奇觀孤峯 Access: Phelps Creek Trailhead Gear: helmet

2013/6/22 – Trifecta / 三連擊

Counterclockwise: Mount Ararat, Iron Mountain, and Copper Mountain summits. Another outing with some Mountaineers folks bagging some peaks around Mount Rainier. The original plan was to bag five peaks, but…

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