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2015/3/15 – Saddle Mountain East / 馬鞍山東段

Another rainy weekend in the Cascades. All the places I looked had anywhere from 80% to 100% chance precipitation, and…

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2015/3/7 – Sulphur Mountain / 硫磺山

Photos from this trip can be found here. Given that the Suiattle River Road is now opened all the way…

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2015/3/1 – Breccia Peak / 角礫岩峯

Photos from this trip can be found here. Mountain Loop Highway looked to have been free of snow for quite…

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2015/2/28 – Green Mountain 6500

The mountain had long been on my list before the Suiattle River Road was reopened last October past the initial…

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2015/2/21 – Morning Star Peak / 晨星峯

Photos from this trip can be found here. This is a concise, high-level trip report. For detailed scramble route descriptions…

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2015/2/15 – Mount Sawyer / 索亞山

Photos from this trip can be found here. Mount Sawyer ended up being our backup plan after the SUV got…

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2015/2/7 – Frenchman Coulee III / 法蘭區深谷之三

Nonstop rain all week on the west side, as per usual, the pups and I escaped to east of the…

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2015/1/31 – Merchant Peak / 莫森特峯

Five other cars in the parking area when we arrived. Presumably most parties, if not all, went to Baring Mountain or Barclay Lake.

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2015/1/25 – Gouging Lake / 鑿洞湖

Apart from peakbaggers and hunters, West Fork Miller Road doesn’t seem to get many visitors.

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2015/1/18 – Horse Lake Mountain II / 馬湖山之二

Long drive to the trailhead made the late start seem even later, already four other cars parked when the pup…