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2017/11/24 – Norse Peak IV / 諾爾斯峯之四

Crystal Mountain Boulevard was clear of snow and ice despite low morning temperatures, no problem getting to the gated Gold Hill Road

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2017/11/23 – Saddle Rock III / 馬鞍岩之三

Even east of the mountains couldn’t escape the rain. Mission-Naneum Ridges were still in clouds when we pulled into Wenatchee

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2017/11/18 – Commonwealth Basin II / 聯邦盆地之二

Snoqualmie Pass was under a blanket of clouds with flurries when pup and I arrived at the empty Summit West parking lot

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2017/11/11 – Sentinel Mountain III / 哨兵山之三

A relatively quick plan B trip to other side of the mountains for better weather

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2017/11/4 – Deception Pass State Park V (Loop) / 詭計關口州立公園之五 (環線)

Fresh snow over mountain passes and the less than ideal Cascade weather had pup and I visiting one of our go-to destinations in the Puget Sound

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2017/10/29 – Gunnshy Peak / 提防峯

Taking advantage of the largely snow free southern aspect on the mountains, yellow pup and I tackled this harder-to-reach destination

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2017/10/28 – Index Creek Trail / 索引溪小道

Black pup indicated that he wasn’t yet ready for prime time, so I forewent our original plan and took him on another conditioner

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2017/10/22 – Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park Backcountry V / 銀杏石化森林州立公園野外之五

Rain all weekend long in the Cascades gave the excuse to do our first fall hike out east

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2017/10/14 – Bing Peak / 賓峯

With recent fresh powder in the mountains, climbing Crosby Mountain would have been an overly ambitious day-long endeavor

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2017/10/08 – Caroline Peak / 卡羅琳峯

Nearly three weeks into the fall and I’m still cathing up on summer trip photos.