2013/12/28 – Mount Persis III / 波斯山之三

Decided to go a few days earlier this year since the weather will likely turn sour on New Year’s Eve, which was the day the dogs and I had been up the mountain the last couple of years.

So far we haven’t been getting much snow (yet) this season, so getting to the hiker’s path entrance wasn’t a problem. Although there was a big water puddle couple switchbacks down the bumpy road that might have created problems for smaller cars.

I used traction (microspikes) in the section between the first talus field and the point where the cliff with the “balanced rock” looking feature comes into view because that section got pretty icy and slippery. Beyond that, I held out on putting on snowshoes for as long as I could after re-entering the forest. Trust me, you WILL need snowshoes. Met a guy on the way down who turned around at the exact spot where I put on snowshoes. Judging by his tracks, he tried to go farther but didn’t go very far before starting to posthole.

Yet another nice trip up the mountain. I’m hoping to return in the summer or fall so I can see what the place looks like without all the white stuff.

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