2013/2/24 – Cairn Hill + Old Pass Hill / 堆石山丘+老山道山丘

My second trip to the Blewett Pass area this season. This was our backup plan when we snowshoed Tronsen Ridge in January.

The area didn’t seem to have gotten much snow this season. There was barely any snow on the south slopes until just below Cairn Hill summit. On the north side snowshoes were needed immediately since I was already postholing the minute I stepped off the summit. Guess this side of the hill never got to see the light of the day!

After meeting up with the road, it was another mile before having to make the ascent to Old Pass Hill summit. On the road I lucked out with snowshoe tracks left earlier in the day, but they ended just before the ascent, darn. Other than plowing the rest of the way in loose snow, there wasn’t anything major. The hike was very straightforward if you just follow the ridge line up one hill or the other.

I saw no one else in the area, just some birds that occasionally showed up to keep me company.

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