2013/1/12 – Mount Margaret II / 瑪格麗特山之二

One of the best spots for views east of Snoqualmie Pass. Unless the real reason for your trip is to count the bazillion snowmobiles on the road, otherwise get off the road immediately after the bridge over Rocky Run. The turn-off is approximately half a mile from the trailhead to the left.

Snowshoe tracks should still be visible given the number of people I know who had been following the same tracks in the last couple of weeks. The tracks traverse up west slope of the mountain and stay north of Wolfe Creek all the way to the summit. You may encounter some snowmobiles in the meadows, but it’s only a matter of minutes before entering the woods again and they’ll be out of your sight for good.

Occasionally turn around to savor the views to the south, then views to the east once arriving at the summit. The views are all around, but somewhat obstructed by some tall trees to the west and north. On a clear day you can even see Mount Adams to the far south.

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