2011/6/19 – Three Brothers / 三兄弟

Since the dogs couldn’t go to Camp Muir with us on Friday, I took a break on Saturday and took them out hiking on Sunday. Teanaway seemed like the place to go since weather wasn’t so nice elsewhere. I looked at some recent photos of Three Brothers and it didn’t look like there was much snow left on it. That means no snowshoes needed, yay!

The trail followed Stafford Creek as you would going to Navaho, Earl, or Freedom Peak. Three cars were in the parking lot when we arrived and two more parties came right after us. This time we took the same scrambling route as we did last time we did Navaho, shot straight up the steep slope right before crossing Stafford Creek. A recent report indicated that the creek was hard to cross, so our scrambling route made total sense. Once we reached the southeast ridge of Navaho we had to drop a few hundred feet in order to connect to the southwest ridge of Three Brothers. There were cornices on Navaho ridge and lots of snow and broken cornice chunks at the head of the Negro Creek.

Once on the southwest ridge of Three Brothers, it was just a matter of climbing all the way to the peak through lots of boulders. Snow patches throughout, but no deal breaker that would keep anyone from being able to move forward. Three Brothers West peak seems to be where most people make their final stop as it’s higher than Three Brother Middle. Not sure where Three Brothers East was located.

The only part I dreaded about going back was getting back on the southeast ridge of Navaho. Once we got over it, it was all downhill all the way back to Stafford Creek Trail. There was only one other car in the lot when we got back to the trailhead.

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